More Than Just 3D Modeling



Leveraging the tools of the trade, David will create superior deliverables as per client requests.

Solution oriented and proactive, David will help realize the best strategies to reach your company’s goals including:

Modeling | Texturing | Rendering | Animation | Video | Motion 

Model: procedural

Merging art and algorithm to create complicated objects.

Model: cad

Accurate Hard Surfaces for real world machinery and similar projects.

Model: organic

Characters, cloth & anatomy – oh my!

Render: techniques

The sweet spot between quality and speed.

Render: photorealism

Is that a photo or a render?

Render: compositing

Adding more control without having to re-render.

Animate: sequencing

This is where the visual story is born.

Animate: motion

Dynamic, stylized design of your animated sequence.

Animate: elements

Enhance sequences with everything from timing to titling.