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About David A. Johnson3D Artist | Animation | Video | Print

David A. Johnson is a Senior 3d, animation and print designer servicing the advertising, legal and entertainment industries. Among the services he offers are high-resolution 3d rendering for print, mechanical design, photo retouching, video and animation design, 3d modeling hard surface and organic, particle animation, 3d printing and prototyping.
Tracing his roots to the early days of computer graphics, David A. Johnson has spent his creative life participating in the computer graphics revolution. If it involves computer aided design, Print, 3d rendering, Animation and the technology underlying these disciplines, it's all apart of David's DNA.
David wrote his first story as a boy at the tender age of 10 and enlisted his friend's help in creating a rudimentary comic book! Ever since his early days David has always been interested in the art of story-telling and the power of motion to breathe life into stories. So, naturally David became an avid movie fan at a young age. 'The Big Boss" was the first movie he ever saw in a theater and it changed him forever.
David's particular philosophy toward art, life and personal growth stems from his many years as a martial artist. Interestingly enough, martial arts is what helps David continue his creative disciplines. After all, "Kung-Fu" means "Supreme skill from hard work". He can't help looking at the ebb and flow of industries that provide the tools necessary for his craft and so he is always learning better and more efficient ways to design.
With over 10+ years experience, David brings a current and fresh approach of effective design and technological solutions to every project.  
David realizes there are untapped reservoirs of creative potential within the world of computer design and will execute your designs in ways you've never seen before.

Inject Passion and Technical Know-How into Your Project!